"Afrim Gjonbalaj is perfect as the handsome and refined, driven-to-succeed Amir. As the fragile edifice he has constructed to remove himself from his fundamentalist roots begins to crumble, Mr. Gjonbalaj’s Amir sheds the confident persona he has so carefully assembled revealing the fear and rage that has been boiling underneath. He is the embodiment of a man who longs to be accepted by a culture that denigrates who he is." - Ann Marie Cusella (BuffaloVibe.com)

"Afrim Gjonbalaj brings great presence, intelligence and a world of conflicting emotions to Amir, the Pakistani who will do almost anything to achieve the American Dream.  His tears at the curtain call spoke so eloquently about the inner truths he had just shared." - Grant Golden (BuffaloRising.com)

"Gjonbalaj’s performance as Amir starts slow, almost stiff, but wow, as he develops his character, he grabs Akhtar’s writing and pulls raw and powerful impact into every word." - BuffaloTheatreGuide.com

"In Afrim Gjonbalaj's strong performance, we watch as Amir's belief that he can escape the obligations and limitations of his faith crumbles bit by bit." - Colin Dabkowski (BuffaloNews.com)

"you MUST see his incredibly grounded, believable, charming work in "No Strings Attached" at Stage Left. Afrim is the real deal, kids." - Peter Michael Marino

"Gjonbalaj makes terrible jokes sound effortlessly charming, and delivers a passionate speech against gay marriage that would make some gay men cheer and others cringe." - Teddy Nicholas

"(No Strings Attached) a strong and potently realistic drama about the classic agony of what is love in the relationship, and who's got the love and who's letting it go... Afrim Gjonbalaj serve(s) the play beautifully..." - Jack Mauro 

"Saw #NoStringsAttached at #StageLeftStudio last night... @AfrimGjonbalaj stands out w/ highly impressive performance." - @roninnewyork